• Pip

      Pip is the perfect puppy playmate – adventurous, generous, gregarious, a little bit mischievous and always on the look-out for new opportunities to play and have fun!

      He loves the town he lives in and can’t imagine there’s anywhere better in the whole wide world. It suits him perfectly. Pip loves boats – all their different shapes and sizes and has fun giving them names to suit the way they look.

      Pip also loves to make new friends and delights in how they do things differently. He likes coming up with grand plans, helping Skipper at the boat yard, joking around with Hopper and sharing all of the twists and turns with his very best friend, Alba.

    • Skipper

      Skipper is the lighthouse keeper – an old salty sea dog full of useful and useless information about life beside the sea.

      He is a pillar of the Salty Cove community – kind, gentle and wise but he’s never lost touch with his inner child and frequently reveals an appetite for fun and mischief. Pip and Alba treasure the time they get to spend with him, they like the privilege of helping out with lighthouse duties but most of all they love to hear his wild and wonderful stories about his own encounters in the Cove, especially when he exclaims ‘salty shellfish!’ producing fits of giggles from the pair! Skipper is a great storyteller for our audience too, he sees everything from his lighthouse so he’s the perfect narrator to share Pip’s encounters with us.

    • Alba

      Alba is four going on five, she likes being a good friend and making Pip laugh. But she can be a bit bossy and is known to stamp her foot from time to time.

      Alba is quite impressed by Pip, she thinks he makes the world a fun place to be but she wouldn’t want him to know it as she considers herself to be more ‘growed’ up.

      She definitely has a silly streak though because she loves hiding and then jumping out on people, making up songs and playing ‘Mummy’ to Paws, her teddy bear.

      She also collects things in her scrap book which she keeps in her backpack – it’s great for looking back over their adventures.

    • Pasty

      Pasty is the quietest of Pip’s friends but he loves to be part of the action. He doesn’t say much but when he does, it’s a practical nugget of wisdom to be cherished. He is the strong silent hero in any situation and often surprises the gang with a hidden talent they’d never suspected. Pasty lives in an old upturned boat, a little house of his own making, beneath which he collects all kinds of odds and ends that he finds on the beach. Something always comes in handy on an adventure and his claws are his very own personal toolkit!

      Being a sideways walker can have funny consequences – he often bumps into people or things and whether it be animal or object, he’s always ready with an ‘oops sorry’!

    • Hopper

      Hopper is Salty Cove’s class clown – a rather loud and confident one-legged seagull! He is the older child of the group, interacting with Pip and Alba as though younger siblings. He’s quite nosey so he’ll often arrive on the scene to see what Pip is up to. He likes to crack a joke and tease them and is usually the one laughing the loudest at it.

      Hopper thinks the non-fliers have a lot to learn from him, he grandly pronounces all kinds of ‘facts’ which are often as randomly cobbled together as flotsam and jetsam! It’s certainly handy to have Hopper on your adventure as wings are very clever things. He’s not the bravest of gulls (he’s even a little bit scared of heights!).

    • Shelvis

      Busy busy, faster faster! Shelvis the hermit crab is always in a rush! She likes to be the telegram messenger between the friends, passing on news in her own unique version of Morse code. It’s funny to watch her zipping about – she certainly has a need for speed, and likes to get ahead of the group on adventures!

      She’s a good reminder that little things matter too.

    • The Squiblets

      The Squiblets are a cluster of little Singing Shells attached to the rock at Salty Cove. They love to sing a song about the day’s event.

      It’s funny to watch them gurgle their way through a melody when the waves soak them!

      If only we all had Squiblets in our lives to share
      a song and sing-along.

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