Pip Ahoy! Christmas Ahoy!

Take a trip down to Salty Cove this Christmas and join the festive fun as Pip, Alba and Skipper decorate the lighthouse when Pip Ahoy! Christmas Ahoy! is released on DVD on 14th December.

The pre-school series Pip Ahoy! features Sir David Jason as the voice of Pip’s caring uncle, Skipper, along with singer and reality TV star Stacey Solomon who recorded the theme song and is the voice of the pink flamingo, Fuchsia. Both Skipper and Fuschia are residents of the idyllic Salty Cove with lead character, Pip, a young spirited puppy that loves adventure!

With a Christmas special full of merry mischief and four additional bonus episodes, this year the festive feeling has well and truly arrived! Pip, Alba and Skipper are busy decorating and Alan the Penguin receives a special Christmas snowball but all is not perfect in Salty Cove…

Alan realizes that he will not be seeing his uncle or cousins this Christmas as they are all in the South Pole – but Pip has an idea! With the help of Esme, a friendly whale, the penguin family comes to stay in Salty Cove. Amongst the excitement, however, their iceberg floats away, along with their way of getting home. How will the little penguins get back to the South Pole?  Have no fear; a special Christmas visitor may arrive just in time to save the day!

Celebrate with the gang in Salty Cove when Pip Ahoy! Christmas Ahoy! scampers onto DVD just in time for Christmas.

Release date: 14th December | Cert U | running time 66 minutes approx. 

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